Physicist Proved That G-d Himself Protected Israel Against Iranian Attack

by Leah Rosenberg

The Iranian attack that happened on April 14 could have been catastrophic beyond words. But it wasn’t. And you can only explain it with G-d.

G-d Performed Open Miracles for Israel During Iranian Attack

Many people aren’t paying attention to the miracles G-d performed for Israel and the Jewish people during the Iranian attack. Yes, we thank G-d have the most outstanding defense technology. We have pilots and soldiers who are committed to defending their people. We have allies and quasi-allies who helped defend our small Jewish state against Iran’s deadly missile and drone attack. But if we ignore the truth, we have failed. G-d always performs miracles for the Jewish people. Even the more seemingly “mundane” defense operations are miracles from G-d, and without His protection, would fail. This though, as stated by Physicist Maximilian Abitbol, was akin to the splitting of the Red Sea when the Jews left the slavery of Egypt thousands of years ago. The world does not generally witness such open and obvious miracles. It was statistically impossible that Israel and its allies shot down 99% of what Iran sent to attack the Jewish state. And yet, they did. They were that successful. And that proves that because it was not humanly possibly, it was G-d directly putting His cloud of protection over His people.

We must of course have gratitude to His messengers who helped protect us on His behalf. But we must not forget that G-d is protecting His nation and His land. We must be thankful to the One Above and pray that he continues to perform such glorious miracles for us.

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Gershompesach April 21, 2024 - 1:53 pm

Sorry, then where was He, Oct 7th? U can’t have it both ways!

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