Bombs Away – Israel Hits Iran

by David Mark

Israel allegedly bombed the Iranian air defenses In Isfahan, near the Natanz nuclear site Thursday-Friday in an overnight mission.

While details are still coming out, it seems that Israel that the target of the Israeli attack was a military base and radar station in Isfahan near the Natanz nuclear facility, but not the nuclear facility itself. Although it was only one site that was attacked, the site was attacked several times.

Israel used radar evading missiles seemingly launched from inside Iraq (probably Kurdistan) and UAVs launched either from Iranian Kurdistan or Azeri areas in northwest Iran.

While the Israeli attack was not designed to start a direct shooting war with Iran, it was a clear retaliation for Iran’s attack on Israel. Besides that, the attack accomplished a few things. Firstly, it proved that the Russian-made air defense systems in place do not work. Secondly, it showed that Israel can take out Iran’s nuclear facilities at any time. Thirdly, and perhaps the most important, Iran’s Islamic regime does not have the grip over Iran they want everyone to believe.

By enlisting the Kurds and Azeris both in neighboring Iraq and inside Iran itself to attack the Mullahs, Israel has revealed that it too has proxies and those proxies have real teeth. The attack was carried out on the Ayatollah’s 85th birthday - the ultimate gift to the aging despot.

With the retaliation out of the way, the IDF can focus on strengthening its control over Gaza, conquering Rafah, and preparing for an all out war with Hezbollah, Syria, and the Shiite militias.

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