Finally, the Only Solution for Gaza Said Out Loud

by Avi Abelow

There is no other solution to provide safety and security to Israelis. None. Any other alternative has been proven to be worthless. Nikki Haley is exactly right.

Thank you Nikki Haley for publicizing this solution. The most important aspect of Haley’s statement is finally hearing a politician place the blame on the correct address – Egypt, for not allowing any Gazans from leaving Gaza.

The world promoted the resettling of millions of Syrian refugees all over the world, after they were being massacred by a fellow Arab Muslim regime in Syria. The world promoted the resettling of millions of Ukranian refugees all over the world. Yet, according to the leaders of the world, Arab Muslims in Gaza must remain in Gaza despite them voting for Hamas and very publicly celebrating the massacre of innocent Jews on Oct. 7th. Gazans are Hamas supporters. It’s that simple. Israel must rid the threat from their border.

As Nikki Haley said, they should live in countries that they agree with, like Egypt, Iran, Qatar etc. Egypt should let them go and the world should pressure or incentivize Egypt to let them go.

Despite whatever international pressure – including from the Biden administration – that will be placed upon Israel to forbid Gazans from leaving Gaza and instead pushing for another Arab Muslim self-rule in Gaza, Haley’s solution will one day be implemented. If Arab-Muslim self-rule would be established in Gaza yet again, under whatever name, whether with the Palestinian Authority or without it, it would also become a genocidal Arab Muslim rule just like Hamas. It would just use another white-washed name or entity. 

When will the Arab Muslims in Gaza end up leaving? How will the world “allow” it to happen, since they are all against it? That we do not yet know, but it will be implemented.

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