Full War With Hezbollah Could Be Soon As Border Heats Up Overnight

by David Mark

Most experts agree that it is not an “if”, but rather a “when” in relation to an Israeli attack on Hezbollah.

In many ways this has been a forgone conclusion since the beginning of the Hamas war. Hezbollah decided to slowly enter the current Gaza conflict in the form of a second front. Nasrallah wants to jump in, but has held back in order to let the IDF expend resources taking down Hamas. Opening a true second front would turn Israel into a victim – erasing international pressure on the Jewish State.

Despite that, Hezbollah launched a massive barrage overnight and the IDF has been returning fire all day. Fighter jets, helicopter gunships and aircraft of the Air Force recently attacked terrorist infrastructures, a military structure, launching positions, an operational headquarters and a weapons warehouse of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has been firing anti-tank rockets into Israel at an almost daily level since the beginning of the war. Today, Ziv Hospital in Safed reported that two lightly wounded civilians had been admitted to the medical center after apparently being wounded in an anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon against the northern community of Dovev. Another missile hit Avivim, setting cars on fire.

Besides the anti-tank rockets, a UAV penetrated Israeli airspace. The UAV was intercepted over Sefad.

So far Israel has kept the North on a low flame and appears determined to keep it that way until Hamas has been thoroughly cleansed out. However, Hezbollah is holding the cards and will attack Israel the further Israel finds itself fighting in Khan Yunis. Hezbollah, together with IRCG units pose a significant threat to Israel and when activated in full have the potential to transform the conflict into a much more devastating war.

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