WATCH: IDF Preps To Invade Rafah

by Micha Gefen

For weeks, Israel has pushed and made the case about the need to go into Rafah and finally finish the war against Hamas. After Bibi traded a far more extreme retaliation against Iran for America essentially looking the other way on Rafah, Israel’s invasion of Gaza’s southern most city is set to begin.

An indication that the IDF is prepping to go into Rafah, Israel’s Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi approved the next stage of the ground war in Gaza today. Israeli jets have been pounding the city and softening defenses through precision bombing runs.

In a pre-Pesach speech, Prime Minister Netanyahu seemed to allude that the defeat of Hamas in Rafah was coming soon: “Hamas has refused all proposals that we offered it.’ According to him, the only thing preventing a hostage deal is Hamas. Instead of backing down from its extreme positions, Hamas is building division between us, it draws encouragement from the pressure on the Israeli government. As a result, it only tightens its conditions to release the hostages. It hardens its heart and refuses to let our people go, and therefore, we will send it additional and painful plagues – and it will happen soon. In the coming days, we will increase the military and diplomatic pressure on Hamas since that is the only way to free the hostages and achieve victory,” 

Will the IDF invade on Seder night and thus free us from Hamas’ terror once and for all? Don’t be surprised.

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