Hezbollah Slams Israel’s North, IDF Hits Back Hard

by Micha Gefen

Hezbollah launched a barrage of missiles, ATGMs, and UAVs at Israel’s north yesterday and this morning. In one attack, Hezbollah fired into the northern village of Margolliot, damaging the electrical grid and knocking out power in neighboring Kiryat Shemona. 

Hezbollah has continued to attack today, sending rockets into the Western and Northern Galilee. Residents in the Mediterranean city of Nahariya and Akko ran into bomb shelters as rockets and UAVs were fired at them and the surrounding areas. ATGMs and UAVs were launched at the Northern Galilee communities of Avivim and Yir’on, as well as near Netu’a and Shlomi.

Sirens blared in Sefat and other Northern Galil cities.

In response, the IDF attacked back heavily in southern Lebanon. One of the strikes earlier today killed two senior Hezbollah fighters. The IDF struck Ayta ash-Shab and Ramyeh area 14 times in what the IDF is saying was a preplanned attack, not a retaliation for today’s barrage.

No matter how one spins the current trajectory, there is no denying that Israel is not nly fighting a two front war, but Israel’s North appears to be sliding into an open conflict with Iran’s most hardened proxies.

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