Caroline Glick Completely Destroyed Europe With This Speech

by Phil Schneider

If there is anyone who should not be lecturing Israel about how to handle it’s issues with Arabs, it is the entire continent of Europe. There is not one country in Europe that has figured out how to handle the issue of the spread of radical Islam into it’s borders. What some countries like France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and others are learning the hard way, Israel has known for many decades.   

Israel has largely had successes dealing with it’s enemy within that has grown and grown over the decades. But on October 7th, in a manner even worse than the Yom Kippur debacle, Israel’s Army was caught unaware. In Israel, mistakes such as these cost the lives of more than 1,200 Israeli civilians. The brave policemen, policewomen, and many soldiers who rushed to crush the massacre was also very costly. More than 200 of these brave souls lost their lives. 

But Israel has bounced back in a major way. It called up more than 300,000 soldiers, and launched a massive counterattack in order to – once and for all – destroy the threat of Hamas from within it’s midst. From the very first day, Israel’s leadership has made it clear that it will be a long and sustained battle that may even take years. But, the policies of appeasement and containment simply do not work with blood thirsty terrorists who dream of beheading Jewish babies, kidnapping Jewish grandmothers and grandfathers, and raping Israeli women. 

Europe has already begun to reap the fruits of its policies towards radical Islam. It is going in the wrong direction. Israel had a terrible rude awakening. But it is smart enough to learn from it’s mistakes, and change course in order to avert disaster in the future. Whatever Israel does, it should not learn how to stop illegal immigration from the US or Europe. The invasion of Europe by radical Islam that began a decade ago has never truly stopped. In the future, it will be Europe that will be looking to Israel to help them figure out how to deal with their fifth column issue of a rdaicalized minority that is looking to overthrow it.      

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Gershompesach January 18, 2024 - 4:28 pm

Ma had a saying—
don’t worry if U forget U R a Jew…
A goy will remind U…
XXX Caroline!

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