The voice of Israel’s minority Druze population that is being silenced by Israeli Media

by Avi Abelow

The Druze community in Israel is a very loyal and Zionist community. Unfortunately, left-wing organizations now abuse this very pro-Israel community in order to harm the Jewish state.

Nation-State Law

The Israeli government just passed a new basic law called the “Nation-State law” that allows Israel’s Supreme Court to take into consideration Israel’s existence as a Jewish state in Court cases.

Left-wing Litigation Madness

Israel has a very liberal Supreme Court. The Israeli government is very afraid that the Court will continue to erase the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Left-wing organizations are always bringing court cases to do just that. They want to have the Court rule to change the Israeli flag.  They want the Jewish Star to NOT appear on it in order to not offend non-Jews who live in Israel. In addition, they want to change Israel’s national anthem, “HaTikvah”, “the Hope”, for the same exact reason. Israel’s right of return law is also on the chopping block to be changed by left-wing organizations via petitions to the Supreme Court. Since Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, Jews are automatically entitled to citizenship. The left-wing organizations want to abolish this too.

A Jewish State

The ultimate agenda of these left-wing organizations is to erase the legal standing for Israel as a Jewish State, one court case at a time. This, in order to then de-facto transform Israel into a state with no special status for the Jewish people.

The solution to this growing problem is the creation of the Nation-State law. Interestingly enough, it was not Bibi Netanyahu and his “right-wing” government that came up with this solution. Rather it was created by politicians in the center-left Kadima party over ten years ago. Even though they created the bill, today, they are some of the most vociferous voices against it. This is certain proof that the bill is not the problem. It does highlight that the leadership of the Israeli center-left has been pulled leftwards. Today the left is against the same patriotic positions that they supported just 10 years ago.

Abusing Minorities

The Jewish-Israeli left has gone crazy since this Nation-State law has passed. This is actually proof enough of how necessary the bill is as an effective tool to stop their ultimate plan to transform Israel from a Jewish state into a regular state.

To fight the bill, they abuse one of the most Zionist minorities in Israel, the Druze community. Druze citizens serve in all of Israel’s security services. They hold multitudes of high ranking positions in the army, the police and other security services.

Druze in Israel vs. Druze in Syria

While their families in Syria are butchered and afraid for their lives, the Druze in Israel live in complete safety. They are eternally grateful to live in the Jewish State and not in any Muslim/Arab country.

Yet the left has sold them a story that this new Nation-State law makes them into second class citizens. This is a total lie. The law does not affect the equal rights of any Israeli citizen, Jew or non-Jew. All the law does is give the Israeli Court system the legal basis to enact rulings that take into consideration the Jewish character of the State, together with the democratic nature of the State.

The Israeli Media

Unfortunately, much of the mainstream media in Israel, as in the United States and Europe, are post-modern. Hence they are against the Nation-State law and they support all the resistance against it. Instead of reporting facts, the media has taken a side. Their reporting of this issue, in Israel and the Jewish world, has highlighted the talking points of the left-wing organizations, pushing the Druze to be against this law since it makes them feel “discriminated against.” Those Druze voices that support the law have been shut down and given no air time.

The Silenced Druze Voices

“You, in the media, are warmongers and inciters,” says Wahil, a Druze IDF officer in the reserves. “Most of the Druze don’t even care about the nation-state law. But there are these people who make sure to push the young people to protest. The people behind this are not part of the Druze community. They are radical left-wing activists.”

“Nowhere in the law does it say that the Druze people don’t have civil rights. We have never demanded national rights, and we have no problem with the State of Israel being the nation-state of the Jewish people. Quite the contrary. The Druze people have linked their fate with the Jewish state of Israel in a covenant of blood. The Druze people have thrived here since 1948. Unlike the Druze people in other, neighboring countries, who are persecuted.”


Wafa, of the Druze village Isfiya, is another one of these voices. “I support the nation-state law and understand that its aim is not to harm the Druze population or any other minority in Israel,” he says. “But what can you do? Our youth no longer listen to their elders. They read what people are saying on social media, and they think that the nation-state law labels us, the Druze, as second-class citizens. But the nation-state bill protects the status of minorities in Israel.

“Because if Israel becomes a state of all its citizens, the minorities will be the first to pay the price. Just look at what’s happening now to the Druze communities in Syria, in Lebanon and in other countries, and you’ll see the status of minorities in countries that claim to be equal,” he says.

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