A musical journey like you have never heard before

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish singers sing with all their heart. They sing about things with meaning. And in this song, Yaakov Shwekey does it well.

Jewish Singers Sing With Purpose

There are so many Jewish singers out there, and they all have their own style. Some sing in English, and some sing in Hebrew. Some compose their own words, and some use words from Jewish texts or prayer. Either way, they sing with meaning. They sing about real ideas about life, God, Judaism, and everything in between. Music certainly has the power to inspire, and Jewish singers really know how to use that power.

Aside from the special words, the tunes in Jewish music have a different feel – a different energy. Jewish tunes really have the ability to raise someone up and bring joy. These special tunes have the power to speak when words can’t express.

Yaakov Shwekey

Yaakov Shwekey is a Jewish superstar in music. His songs are powerful, and furthermore his voice is unbelievable. One of his new songs is called “Your Time.” He takes you through an emotional journey, and you can really feel it.


Looking through a crack in the glass it’s hard to see
How you gonna shake off the dust ever break free
You see them reaching for the stars but you’re too slow
Little do you see it little do you know

Wishing you could fly but it’s clear you’re stuck in place
Never gonna make it to the front just can’t keep pace
You hear them calling your name but you can’t go
Little do you see it little do you know

So go and grab the moment
face the world and show it
To show the world the glory
celebrate your story

Watching as the dreams fade away where have they gone
It’s clear you’re gonna give up the fight to carry on
You feel you’re sinking in the sand can’t move along
Those sounds of struggle they write your song

Sometimes you feel you’ve reached the end of the line Sometimes you just don’t got the drive
But that’s the moment when you’re strongest of all
You’re alive…
Watching as the dreams fade away where have they gone

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