The lesson that Berlin taught a 6 year old girl

by Leah Rosenberg

Pink and Reese Witherspoon discuss Pink’s recent tour. While in Berlin, Pink’s 6 year old child learned something about the Holocaust that will inspire you.

Pink’s Tour and the Holocaust

Pink took her children on tour with her. They went to Budapest and Berlin – and visited the Holocaust memorial. Pink is Jewish. And when her 6 year old daughter understood what the Nazis did to the Jewish people and that because her mom is Jewish, she is as well, something clicked. She realized that what the Nazis did to the Jewish people could have happened to her and her mother.

When Pink reached London and asked her daughter what her favorite city was, the 6 year old girl responded “Berlin.” Naturally, Pink asked her daughter why. And the answer is shocking. She said, “Because there was a wall, and people were separated, and there was a war, and people were killed. And now everybody’s together, and there’s no more wall and there’s no more war. And that means that everything that’s bad can be good again.”

An Important Lesson

The lesson that Pink’s 6 year old daughter taught her as well as anyone listening is unbelievable. “Everything that’s bad can be good again.” How powerful is that? She actually understood and connected her life to the Holocaust. Many people don’t make the connection that this little girl made. But what’s even more amazing is that she was able to take a lesson and share it with her mother.

Often times, people lose hope. They despair when things aren’t going according to plan. Maybe somewhere, deep down, they think that the situation could improve. But they don’t have confidence in their thoughts. And what Pink’s 6 year old daughter learned from seeing Berlin and understanding the destruction of the Holocaust is a timeless message. Learning that lesson from a 6 year old is just plain inspiring.

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