VP Pence threatens sanctions on Turkey if American Pastor isn’t freed

by Leah Rosenberg

Mike Pence is a strong vice president. As Turkey continues to refuse to release an American Pastor, VP Pence is threatening sanctions until he is freed.

Pastor Andrew Brunson

Turkey has been holding Pastor Andrew Brunson, an American citizen. He has lived in Turkey for more than 20 years with his family. Pastor Brunson was arrested in 2016. Essentially, they imprisoned him for spreading Christianity. They didn’t even charge him for more than a year.

Turkey is holding an innocent man. They are anti-freedom and anti-democracy. And America will not tolerate that.

VP Mike Pence

VP Mike Pence said, “Our entire administration has worked tirelessly to secure Pastor Brunson’s release.” Although Turkey recently released him from prison to house arrest, that is not enough. He is still being held as an innocent man. As Pence said regarding the move from prison to house arrest, “This is a welcomed first step, but it is not good enough.”

How much longer will Turkey continue in its ways of being against freedom and against democracy?

Mike Pence and America have had enough, and they have threatened Turkey with “significant sanctions” if Turkey doesn’t take action now to free the pastor.

Pence’s message to the Turkish government and Erdogan is strong and is on behalf of President Trump: “Release Pastor Andrew Brunson now, or be prepared to face the consequences.”

America is serious, and Turkey should take immediate action – unless they want to “face the consequences.”

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