Brilliant Rap Song Exposes the Lie That Jesus was “Palestinian”

by Phil Schneider

The greatest of all lies about the great lie of the ancient “palestinian” is the hilariously absurd notion that Jesus was a palestinian. One need not be a historian to know that everything about that statement does not fit with the basic history of the world. Let’s explore a bit.  

The Arab people are indeed an ancient people. They existed in the time of Abraham. Most people place them as the children of Yishmael, the child of Abraham that was driven away by Abraham and Sarah. More than 2,000 years later, the Jewish people had already been banished from the Land once and were well on the way to being banished for a 2nd time, and a young Jewish man – by the name of Jesus – emerged on the scene. It was the days of the Roman Empire, and very soon after, the 2nd Temple of the Jewish people would be destroyed. 

In the years following the lifetime of Jesus, the beginning of Christianity would be formed. Around 600 years later, the prophet Muhammad would emerge on the world scene and the Muslim religion would be born. Fast forward nearly 1400 years later, and radical Muslims and their supporters began to claim that Jesus, who lived 600+ years before their religion began was supposedly a Palestinian. 

The point of this ludicrous argument is to argue that the so-called “palestinians” are an ancient people that go back more than 2,000 years and that they are the ones with the deepest connection to a Land called Palestine. Well, not really. Jesus was anything but an Arab. He was a Jew. The area that is being called Palestine never existed as an independent entity, and the so-called “palestinian” nation has never existed as anything but an attempt to implement the salami plan of destroying Israel one slice at a time.

To say that Jesus was a Palestinian is as reasonable as it is to say that Moses was a Muslim fanatic.  

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