This Jew’s Message to Iran’s Dictator Must Go Viral

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran’s Dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei should back off. The Jewish people aren’t going anywhere. G-d is with us, and we are here to stay.

Strong Message to Iran’s Dictator

Does Iran’s dictator Khamenei not know any history? Is he really unaware of the fact that G-d’s chosen nation is the Jewish people? He tried to harm us on April 14, but he failed miserably. G-d literally put a cloud of protection over the land of Israel and the Jewish people. It could not have been clearer that the One above was and is protecting us.

Jerusalem is ours. We are rebuilding, and we will continue to rebuild. We await and pray for the third and final Temple to be rebuilt. This message is strong and powerful. This is the spirit of the Jewish people. Yishai Fleisher nailed it. We are not scared of Iran’s dictator because we have G-d on our side. Khamenei might think he is so great and powerful, but he can’t be so ignorant as to think he can defeat G-d.

We are seeing open miracles from G-d in modern times. Let’s keep praying, keep relying on and believing in the One Above, and keep asking Him to protect Israel. Don’t overlook the incredible things we are witnessing!

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