Iran Attacks Israel: This is How Israelis Responded

by Phil Schneider

Israel’s enemies think that Israel is a divided country. They have good reason to think so with all of the constant political bickering going around. But actually, they have it all wrong. The vast majority of the population of the State of Israel has probably never been as united as they are today. October 7th, 2023 will probably be known as the day that unified the Jewish people more than any other day in recent history.

A common enemy has the power to bring people together more than anything else. When one realizes that we need to stay together or we will be obliterated, it puts everything into a different perspective.

The Jewish people all over the world have become very experienced at forgetting how dependent they are on one another. Jews all over the world had become comfortable in the thought that they were secure in their own host countries. Jews in America predominantly felt like they were as American as nearly every other American, but with a layer of Judaism on top of their being Americans. 

Within hours of the massacre of over 1,000 Israelis on Octoer 7th, they began to have a rude awakening. They were told clearly by masses of people in nearly every major city and college campus: “You are Jewish. You are different. We hate you.” This shocked any reasonable person into the clear realization that anti-Jewish hatred is not merely a fringe movement, but a widespread phenomenon that has been latent until now. Today. it has become fashionable for progressive leftists and isolationist right-wingers to come out openly and express animus towards the Jewish people. The leftists say it out loud. The right-wingers still just hide behind the words “America First.”    

Within Israel, those who held longstanding hopes for a peaceful resolution between Arabs in Gaza and Israel realized that their hopes had been nothing more than a pipe dream. Proud right-wing Israelis who doubted the loyalty of left-wing anti-Netanyahu Israelis found themselves fighting side by side against a common enemy with displays of bravery and comradery proving their mindset to be completely wrong. The vast majority of Israelis are all dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect their brethren, even if it means sacrificing their lives. 

Basically, nearly everybody who had wrong narratives in their mind about reality received a wake up call on Ocober 7th. The sacrifice of the Jewish people for each other, to defend the Land against ruthless Arab invaders, and to build a bright future together has never been clearer than it is today.

There is a connection between this unity and the miracles that with God’s help, the Israel Defense Forces have shown in the destruction of more than 99% of the massive Iranian coordinated missile attack on the State of Israel. The message from Above is clear. Stay together and I will guard over you. The Land of Israel is truly the Land of miracles. 

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