A drone flew over Masada and captured a breathtaking view

by Phil Schneider

Masada is not one of the great wonders of the world. But it is definitely a one-of-a kind place to visit. It towers 1,300 feet above the Judean Desert and is the site of the most unbelievable fortifications from a battle nearly 2,000 years ago between Jewish zealots and the Roman Legion. For nearly 2 years, the zealots prevailed. But in the end, the powerful Romans succeeded.

Jewish Zealots and Unity in the Time of the Romans

The story took place nearly 2,000 years ago. There was no greater superpower than the Romans at that time. The Jewish people had a Temple in Jerusalem, but they were deeply divided. On one issue they were perhaps more divided than any other issue – how to respond to the Roman threat. All of the different opinions that existed at that time had solid basis.

There were those who wanted to succumb to the Romans. They said that the Jewish people did not have the ability to confront the Romans and should therefore work to receive the best “deal” possible to be subjugated to the Russian empire. They had a point and masses supported them. But there were those who said that if the Jewish people could not have self-determination and independence then what use was their to their existence? They were determined to fight and fight they did. The story of Masada is probably the most emblematic of their fight. They had enormous bravery, very little chance of success, but possessed a tremendous will to fight. They held out through the winters and summers. But in the end, the Roman might was more powerful.

Seeing is believing. The perspective of the drone is amazing and provides an even more amazing angle to the fight that the zealots gave against the Romans.

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