Muslims chant death threats to Jews at rally in Sweden

by Avi Abelow

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What Muslims Chant in Sweden

When Muslims chant such horrific things, one might assume it was in an Arab country. But no – this is Sweden! This is Europe we are talking about. But then again, Sweden and Europe seem to be going downhill.

These Muslims are threatening Jews and Israel at a rally in Malmo, Sweden. They yelled, “Aim and shoot at the Jews. At the settlers and at the soldiers.” Despicable!

Where is the Outrage?

Why aren’t the media outlets covering this? Why aren’t they showing the other side, the side that is against Israel and the Jewish people? The world loves to focus on Israel. They love to paint Israel as “the bad guys.”

But then you see videos like these. You see how Muslims act at rallies. Calling for the murder of Jews and the takeover of Israel cannot be justified. Supporting these Muslims should be done be NO ONE! Yet, it seems the Western World has lost its way. They are blind to the truth. They somehow miss what is literally right in front of their eyes. We are not even talking about in Middle Eastern countries. We are talking about Sweden. What too many Muslims believe is not a secret. So why is the world making it one?

It’s Not Just About the Jews!

Roe vs. Wade

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