The truth about Al Sharpton told by a Jew who encountered it

by Phil Schneider

What happened in New York around 30 years ago is a stain on the entire city. It is important to learn the lessons from the past – especially when some of the characters from that time stick to the same ideologies that were the cause of what occurred back then. Rev. Al Sharpton was a rabble-rouser back then and today’s Presidential candidates who praise him need to be aware that they will be held accountable.

Here is the sad story – in short – of what happened in NYC back then. In Crown Heights, New York, a Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum was killed by a crowd of people for one reason – because he was a Jew, and the authorities – from the Mayor downward – basically did nothing and let the crowds go around and target Jews because they are Jews. How did all of this start? There was a standard car accident – nothing more or less. An accident in which a car that was escorting the Lubavitcher Rebbe accidentally hit a man in Crown Heights. These things happen every day numerous times in New York City. But this time, a big group of locals from Crown Heights attacked random Jews that walked down the street as “revenge” for the accident. The cops in New York City under the non-leadership of David Dinkins, basically stood back and allowed tens of locals from Crown Heights to walk around, beat up Jews, and even killed one Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum.

Al Sharpton defended the pogrom and David Dinkins was the weak MAyor who made sure to criticize “all” violence. Basically, Sharpton and Dinkins had a problem with the words “right” and “wrong.” Either they weren’t in their vocabulary or they were applied incorrectly. We need leaders who know how to label correctly and call a pogrom a pogrom. But, leaders like Sharpton were always there to use the race card to defend racism by a violent population against the Jewish people.

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