Muslim Migrants set Sweden on fire

by Leah Rosenberg

Muslim migrants are destroying Europe. It is a hard sight to see. What will the future look like if they are not stopped now?

Muslim Migrants

Maybe the world does not want to admit the truth. But the fact is, Muslim migrants have come to Europe and have changed it as we know it. And it is not only Europe, Australia is also suffering. Everyone wants to be accepting of every religion. And we should be. But that does not mean we can ignore the problems that are arising from the migrants. We can be accepting and also protect Western values. And if they clash and contradict each other, then we must choose to protect our values. If those we are trying to take in and help are harming our society, then they cannot be allowed in our countries.

Sweden is Not What it Once Was

Sweden has been hit hard. It is on fire, literally. Migrants have set cars on fire. They have sexually assaulted women. There have been bombings. How much worse does it need to get before the world stands up against this? Are countries willing to lose their values just to be “accepting?”

Roe vs. Wade

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