Why an Israeli soccer star in Europe held up the number 45 after scoring a goal

by Leah Rosenberg

Shon Weissman, an Israeli soccer star who plays in Europe, cares about the Jewish people. What he did after scoring a goal proves it.

Israeli Soccer Star and the Number 45

Just over a week ago, a terrible tragedy struck the Jewish nation. 45 innocent lives were taken from this world in a tragedy on Mount Meron. The nation of Israel came together. Although the 45 people who lost their lives that day were all religious (granted, in different ways), people of all stripes and colors lined up to donate blood in their memory and to help those who were still fighting for their lives. Everyone wanted to do something to help. Religious and non-religious alike went to pay respects to the mourning families. The Jewish people grieved as a nation and are still grieving after such a terrible tragedy. And even Shon Weissman felt connected to his people while playing soccer in Europe. The Israeli soccer star did not cheer for himself after scoring a goal, as seen in this video. He held up the number 45 in memory of the 45 souls that were lost. He pointed upward and put his hands together in prayer. Weissman also was wearing a black memorial band.

Did Shon know the Meron tragedy victims personally? Maybe, maybe not. He might have never crossed paths with any one of them. But they were HIS people. They were Jews. They were special, and he felt the loss. He felt what the Jewish people as a whole felt. And he grieved along with everyone else.

“Who is like Your people Israel” (Samuel II; 7:23. Chronicles I; 17:21).

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