Incredible War Footage in New Music Video “Israel Will Not be Defeated” 

by Phil Schneider

The Israeli Army is the place that nearly all Israelis meet the rest of Israel. But in a war, they not only meet them. They see their true colors. Israeli society is multifaceted, multiracial, and very colorful. But the Israeli Army is the place where this is experienced more than at any other time in the lives of so many. In the Israeli Army, there are also Arab and Druze soldiers. It is truly extraordinary. but so hard to capture. This one musical video captures the spirit. Yehoram Gaon has been an Israeli musical legend for more than half a century. He still has the talent to produce masterpieces.

One of the enjoyable aspects of this song is that the attitude is not one of arrogance, but one of unity. If there is one secret aspect to Israel’s success thus far in the War in Gaza, it is the unity that is so pervasive at this moment in history. Because of the enormity of the horrible tragedy of the massacre on October 7th, Israelis instinctively banded together to fight back.

The Nation of Israel will indeed never be defeated!

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