Imam Shocked Everyone With These Comments About the West

by Phil Schneider

Around 5-10 years ago, Europe became flooded with immigrants from the Middle East. Most of these refugees were not merely running away from misery and war-torn areas. They were running to freedom, free handouts, and free health care in countries that they thought would be better for them to live in.

Is it so bad to let in tens of thousands of immigrants? Isn’t that what helped build up America into becoming a superpower? Doesn’t every normal person want more freedom? Aren’t these people more or less the same as everyone in the West? Don’t we owe it to humanity to do our part to help the downtrodden?

Those are a sampling of the typical arguments that many voiced back when the influx began. There is logic to those arguments. But there is more logic in the arguments against allowing unbridled immigration into the European Union.

First of all, the European Union has many countries that are dealing with negative population growth. This is due to many factors, especially the breakdown of the traditional family unit. The solution to that problem is not to bring in foreigners who have more children. The solution is a return to tradition and rejection of so-called alternative lifestyles as accepted norms. That sounds old-fashioned and non-progressive. It is. But if we don’t return to our senses, and accept that normality is not two men raising a baby or two women raising a baby, but a father and a mother raising a baby, then we are deciding to rip apart the most basic building blocks of our society. There will be no superpower in the world that develops from children raised in new-age families.

The truth is that many of the Muslim immigrants who fled to Europe do want a better life. But, by and large, assimilation into Western culture is not anywhere in their list of priorities. Actually, the vast majority are looking to defeat Western culture. That is exactly the opposite of what most immigrants who flooded America in the early 20th century were looking for.

So, yes, we should help those people who are looking for a better life. But not on a mass level in our own countries. A measured number of immigrants who truly indicate intention and ability to enter and contribute should be allowed in. Those who are clearly looking for freebies should be rejected. There are other countries in the world that are indeed looking to increase their populations. That is where the efforts should be used to help those who indeed need to get out of Syria, Iraq or other war-torn countries.

Europe is now paying the price for it’s policies 5-10 years ago. America and other Western countries must learn the lessons too.

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