Watch BDS Get Shamed by an Israeli Arab After Ironic Puma Boycott

by Leah Rosenberg

Once again, the BDS Movement has shown its true colors. A Puma boycott? You have to see why this is so, so ironic.

A Puma Boycott? Think again, BDS

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement seeks to destroy the one and only Jewish state. The movement claims that Israel is an apartheid state. And so, they claim that they are boycotting Israel because they stand for human rights. But the BDS Movement doesn’t stand FOR anyone, they only stand AGAINST Israel. And they will do so at any cost. The problem is that the movement continuously shows how antisemitic it really is. BDS decided a Puma boycott was warranted since Puma is the official uniform of the Israeli soccer (football) team.

But as Yoseph Haddad points out in this video, the Israeli soccer team has many Arab players as well! Apartheid? Quite the opposite, actually. A Muslim was the captain of Israel’s nation team. Arab players are the stars of the team sometimes. Does the BDS Movement not realize how ironic its own boycott is?

The facts are screaming loud and clear. But the BDS Movement chooses to spread lies and hate. This is one example that proves the BDS Movement doesn’t care about Arabs, they just care about bringing the Jewish state down. Israel may not be perfect, but it is far from an apartheid state. You don’t need to do very much research to realize that. Just look at Israel’s national soccer team, and the truth speaks for itself.

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