Douglas Murray Gave the Most Epic Response Ever to an Absurd Leftist Question

by Phil Schneider

The truth. It’s that simple. Stick with the truth. Let the truth set you free. When people decide to not focus on what category of people they belong to but rather on what is right and wrong, then the truth has a chance. When people stop labeling themselves and others, then the truth has a chance.   

Douglas Murray does not focus on political correctness, nor on being a right-winger or a left-winger. He sticks with the facts and does it in a brutally honest way. It so happens to be that what is going on in the Land of Israel these days happens to clarify to anyone who is honest enough to see the truth that Israel is fighting against hundreds of thousands of barbarians and their supporters. The Hamas voting Arabs in Gaza, as a whole, want to kill all of the Jewish people.  

The people who are rallying for Hamas and against Israel are people who hate Jews who have gathered together to say, “Kill the Jews.” But they say it with a more acceptable-sounding euphemism, “From the River to the Sea….” 

When the world makes a tectonic shift as it has in recent months, those who stand up against evil are those who stand with truth. Those who stand with the evil perpetrators have chosen the way of lies, deceit, and darkness.

It is indeed confusing to see the light in the midst of so much death and destruction. But Israeli soldiers, in the tens of thousands, are experiencing this nearly every day. They are slogging it out with those who only want to kill Jews because they are Jews, and the soldiers all know they are on the side of truth and light. But, due to the manipulations and lies of so many in the field of mass media, many have been duped into thinking that Israel is mercilessly killing so-called “innocents.” Douglas Murray has established himself as the most lucid voice of sanity in a sea of lies. Stick with the truth. In the end, it will always win out.    

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