The Anthem That is Uplifting Jewish People Everywhere

by Leah Rosenberg

This music video is the perfect morale boost for the Jewish people. It should be the anthem right now! You’re going to love this.

This Song Should be the Anthem of the Nation of Israel

Not only is this tune catchy and inspiring, but the words are very powerful. You don’t have to like rap music to like this song. There is something about it that is so uplifting. The Jewish people should be making these words their anthem.

Songs have a powerful way of inspiring the Jewish nation and raising the morale of the people of Israel. The Jewish people use music often in Judaism. It’s a way to connect to G-d and to each other. And there is something very unifying about Jews singing a song together. There is something very meaningful about it.

A song like this one is a good reminder for the Jewish people and also for the world at large: “We Aint Goin Nowhere.” People have tried to destroy the Jewish people again and again. Have they ever succeeded in obliterating G-d’s people? Clearly not….

As was said in this song, “You got all the media in your corner…we got the Creator in our corner.” We have G-d on our side. We must stay strong, stay united, and keep our spirits high. We will never lose because we are G-d’s chosen people. He chose us and promised to never un-choose us. The path might be long and hard, but we ultimately have nothing to worry about.

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