The most creative way you will ever see the story of Passover

by Phil Schneider

You don’t need to like animation in order to love this video. The Passover story is the most fundamental basis of Jewish belief. How it is communicated from one generation to the next varies from one tradition to the next. This presentation is the 21st century millenial version. There is no lack of creativity in this video. The music, imagery, and the story of the ten plagues flow seamlessly in this piece of art.

The uniqueness of the story of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Egypt needs some historical context. The Egyptian monarchy was the most dominant kingdom in that stage of history. The Jewish people were nothing more than a large family that went down to Egypt in order to find sustenance during a great famine that lasted 7 years. But 70 people very quickly grew into a nation of a few million people in a matter of a few hundred years. Pharaoh enslaved them in order to keep control over the Jewish population. But, God heard the cries of his people and took them out via a litany of miracles that broke the back of the Egyptian kingdom.

This led to a breakdown of the dominance of the Egyptian monarchy and the deliverance of the Jewish people from bondage. God then led the Jewish people through Moses into the wilderness and gave them the Covenant, the Bible, at Mt. Sinai. 40 years of miraculous living in the desert culminated with the Jewish people crossing the Jordan River into the Land of Israel. But the miracles in Egypt are the source of all of Jewish belief.

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