Arab Israelis Riot in Jaffa After Neighbor Violates Corona Quarantine

by Avi Abelow

This is crazy. Instead of looking after themselves and caring about infecting others, Jaffa Arabs today rioted against police after a local Arab, who was supposed to be an in-home quarantine, was found outside and questioned by police.

Local Jaffa Arabs, all Israeli citizens, burned tires and dumpsters, in protest all because police earlier questioned a neighbor of theirs for being outside, and not indoors following the corona quarantine rules. Today, all Israelis are required to remain in their homes unless they are taking part in a small number of approved activities, including for some work, purchasing food and medicine or taking a short walk no more than 100 meters (328 feet) from their home. Those found violating those regulations are subject to fines of upwards of NIS 500 ($140) or imprisonment.

Police officers were on a routine tour in Jaffa’s predominately Arab Ajami neighborhood, when they saw a young man standing outside with a friend.

The police then asked the man for identification in order to find out if he was further than 100 meters from his house, which is the maximum distance from one’s home, according to the latest regulations. The young man refused to show his ID, all the while more residents surrounded the officers to help him escape. The officers, who felt threatened, called for back-up. The local Jaffa Arabs then started rioting.

As a personal anecdote, I had to go to Jerusalem today for a critical errand, that is allowed. When I was walking the streets of Jerusalem I was also stopped and questioned by police. That is what is happening all over the country in order to ensure the self-quarantining necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The police released a statement following the Jaffa riots, “forces in Jaffa spotted a man who refused to disclose his details, and dozens of people gathered including his family, surrounding the officers to aid the boy’s escape. Some even confronting the forces and attacking Them violently.”A large group of people burned tires and hurled objects hitting police who arrived at the scene. Israeli police officers are now engaged in stopping violations of directives. The police will allow the right to protest and freedom of expression, but will not allow violent behavior,” the statement said.

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