PULSE ON THE FRONTLINES: With Unity Talks Stalling And The Coronavirus, Israel Is Still The Safest Place

by David Mark

One would think that a country that has no permanent government, and so many various factions as well as enemies both within and without would be devastated by the coronavirus, but Israel is different.

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Israel is on the short list of countries who are deemed to be the safest place to wait out the coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest one is that from the beginning Prime Minister Netanyahu realized how serious this threat was.

Only now, the world can see that the early warnings that Netanyahu gave about shutting down borders and limiting movement, if heeded in other countries would have saved thousands of lives.

Did Chinese Misinformation Stall America’s Response?

While President Trump shut down flights from China to the USA early on, other important measures were not takes right away. The reasons for this are plenty, but one important cause of the slow response by the USA, both on a Federal and State level was the misinformation by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who related low fatalities coming out of Wuhan. Of course we now know that the number of corona fatalities were probably 40 times as high as the CCP is reporting.

Because of the lag in response, cities like New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and others are collapsing like Milan in Italy and other places. Whether or not Netanyahu knew not to trust the CCP numbers or just understood the pandemic would spiral out of control, Israel appears to be handling the virus far better despite the lack of preparation in the beginning.

With the Mossad’s procurement of extra ventilators, Israel maybe able to weather the pandemic storm without the type of societal collapse the US appears to be experiencing. Ultimately, the Land of Israel as many believers know is blessed by the Almighty. Most people now see it openly with their own eyes.

Unity Talks Faltering?

If one did not think the drama was enough last week in Israeli politics, things just keep on getting crazier or perhaps the Prime Minister is just that good and set Gantz’s demise up beforehand. I vote for the latter.

Benny Gantz’s party now says it is willing to pull out of talks with Netanyahu’s Likud if the Likud does not give into its demands. The problem with that is Gantz is down to around 16 MKS and the Likud with its rightwing allies has 58. The math is simple. Of course, with the Blue and White breaking up and rightwing MKS Tzvi Hauser and Yoaz Hendel on their own, the Prime Minister does not even need Gantz anymore. Netanyahu has his 61 he needs.

So what’s going on? The Prime Minister will now run down the political clock on Gantz and midway through the Passover holiday he will be given a chance to form a coalition. Whether he does or not may not matter as he has effectively dismantled the strongest opposition he has face in years and did it by allowing to turn against themselves.

The real issue though, is that even though it may be exciting to watch the Prime Minister and his traditional block of religious and rightwing parties ultimately defeat their post-zionist and post traditional enemies, the country needs a government and fast. It needs real leadership that can transcend the Israeli politics of yesteryear and build a different path that both rectifies the nation and recalibrates it in order for it to assume the mantle of leadership Israel is destined to have in a world that has gone mad. We are still waiting for that leader to rise up. Until then the State of Israel is miraculously still the safest place to be.

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