Hanan Ben Ari’s New Song Captures Israel During Corona – Perfectly

by Phil Schneider

People. We all need more people in our lives. Even if we are not alone in our apartments or houses, we are all in need. We are all rather alone in this new Coronavirus world. But, perhaps this is exactly what God wants of us. A little bit of a break from the past. He wants us to feel that the world should not be the same as it used to be. Zoom is great, but it’s not the same as a hug. He wants us to allow Him in into our lives more – alot more. How? By disallowing all of the endless distractions that we have made into our new and not improved lifestyles.

Peter Drucker pointed out that one of the most important jobs of a CEO of a company is the ability to say no. The ability to say no is not merely about turning down ideas and directions that take a company off of a focused path to success. But it is about a CEO saying no to the seemingly endless litany of demands on the CEO’s time. Therefore, a CEO needs to decide that either they will lead or be led by all of the demands of others.

We are all the CEOs of our own lives. We need to be able to make plans, stick to them, and not allow the endless whatsapps, e-mails, and demands of others to take control over our lives. Saying no can be done in endless manners too. The key is to stay focused. And God wants us to stay focused on the most important values in this world, namely, that God is in our midst, and that we live a life of Godliness in all that we do.

God has not merely forced us all to slow down. He has forces us all to stop and refocus. Let us not miss the boat. This will probably be our best chance.

Dr. Risch

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