Trump Makes It Clear, CNN Is Fake News

by Phil Schneider

CNN has made a clear decision that no matter what the situation is, they will bash President Trump. Even if more than a hundred thousand people are in grave danger, and President Trump saves many of them, they will blame him for anyone that is killed. They will not change their political persuasion. They are against anything positive that their adversaries do, and they will simply not back down. Jim Acosta led the way, and now all of their new correspondents follow his path in bashing President Trump at any chance.

Is President Trump right for getting down into the mud with CNN and bashing them right back in a direct attack on CNN’s reputation? Well, the election results certainly wold make us think so. It was indeed a breath of fresh air to hear someone calling out CNN for what they truly are during much of the election campaign. But, it is not that simple. Even when CNN or some other network’s correspondents ask a legitimate question, President Trump’s defensiveness may be somewhat overreaching.

There are probably more effective ways to combat the lies and half-truths of CNN. For example, if President Trump would come to each press conference armed with facts, facets, and more facts, then the American people would be more unified under his command. At the end of this Coronavirus pandemic, the American people will make a decision to reelect or not reelect President Trump. How he handles the Pandemic will be the #1 issue – nothing else.

It seems to me that acting Presidential should not include sniping back and forth with the CNNs of the world on prime time at a time like this. I think CNN wins these rounds against President Trump – even if their new is indeed fake.

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