While The World Shuts Down, China Profits From Coronavirus

by Micha Gefen

Every single country is in lock-down, except for China. Sure, in the beginning of the virus, they were considered the epicenter and the hardest hit. Yet because of their lies and secrecy, the virus was able to spread globally. Now out of the lock-down they are profiting like mad – how?

Essentially, the Chinese Communist Party allowed the virus to spread through disinformation and subterfuge. While it is clear that they were hit hard, their grueling lock-down in someways got the virus under control. Now, while the world is buckling, they are busy producing all the medical equipment it needs. This is the same equipment they refused to ship out in the beginning.

As Avi Yemini says in the above video, “When this crisis is over, China will be in a better economic position, while we will be struggling to survive. A lot of our companies will be forced to sell their assets to China, who is already waiting to acquire them. China will own the world economy at the end of this unless we do two things immediately.”

What are they? The first is to bring manufacturing back online and the second is to stop all asset sales to China. “We need to do both of these things right now. We cannot afford to wait until the end of this pandemic.”

Yemini is right, but is anyone listening?

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