Horrifying Corona Scenes from Jewish Funeral Home in NY

by Avi Abelow

Please stay home!!! We must look after our lives. This coronavirus is not a joke. A lot of people are losing their lives. Please use this to wake people up to stay home!!!

This is a funeral home in the Jewish community of Borough Park, Brooklyn in New York City.

New York City Update

New York State has some 60,000 cases and nearly 1,000 people who have died from coronavirus, the largest number in the US by far. They say that NY state is the second biggest hotspot of coronavirus following Italy. Most of the patients, some 33,000, live in the New York City metropolitan area. The new situation affects the sizable Jewish population there, forcing synagogues, schools and yeshivas to close.

Just yesterday, the US government sent a Navy hospital ship to dock in New York City as the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the state soared to a “beyond staggering” 1,218. The ship was brought in to deal with non-coronavirus illnesses to help the hospitals deal with the overwhelming numbers of people ill with coronavirus.

NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly stated that the 1,000-bed USNS Comfort will be used as a “relief valve,” treating non-coronavirus patients while the city’s increasingly stressed hospitals handle people with COVID-19.

“That’s a lot of loss, that’s a lot of pain, that’s a lot of tears, that’s a lot of grief that people all across this state are feeling,” Cuomo said.

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