The World Is Being Enslaved By China…Again

by David Mark

With the COVID-19 infection rate increasing around the world and in some countries like Italy, Spain, and even the USA experiencing hemorrhaging in their health care systems, China appears to be back online.

While it’s true that new reports of China’s lies about their own mortality rate are probably true, what is also true is that their economy is turning back online while everyone else’s is stagnating or even collapsing.

Before the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, the world was addicted to Chinese products. Cheap and plentiful, Western culture was able to give into its basest instincts and self implode from the inside. While this was going on, the repressive communist regime in China was growing rich over the slave labor they employed in their own country. Money came in from an addicted Western culture, fueling this growth cycle.

Now with the world collapsing economically, the Chinese regime is busy buying up cheap stocks, real estate, and increasing their control over medical supplies the world needs.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) famous Belt and Road Initiative created to carve new avenues of trade across Asia and into Europe is now even more important as it gives the regime a web of control over the world.

While President Trump was correct to take on the CCP over trade, he was ill prepared to deal with the depths they would stoop to win and take over.

This COVID-19 movie will not end the way we think. The West got to this point because the politicians and corporations made it easy for the citizens to ignore bad policy, because most people have grown addicted to their smartphones, cheap products, and excess money that was injected into the system to buy all of these things.

Now a new addiction is coming. It is being packaged as life support for the West. Yet, it is the CCP regime in China that is controlling the life support -enslaving the world again.

Darkness comes before the great light of freedom. Yet, it is up to us to determine how long the darkness lasts for. We can blame our leadership, but it is our own addiction to the emptiness that we have chosen that has brought us to this point. If we don’t choose on a personal level to leave it behind and follow a different path, then the darkness at the end will last an excruciating long time before the light appears at the end of the long tunnel.


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