China’s Lies About COVID-19 Deaths Should Scare Us All

by David Mark

From the beginning of the outbreak of the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic, misinformation propagated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been the norm. Mainstream media has echoed the numbers of dead the regime spread as truth. Wuhan residents are realizing and trying to tell the world we have all been lied to.

In China, it is common to cremate one’s loved ones after they die. Coronavirus would not change that tradition. With the Chinese government trying to restore a sense of normalcy in the beleaguered city of Wuhan and wider Ubey province they delivered the urns of victims of the coronavirus to their family members. There was just one problem.

Instead of a mere few thousand urns, the numbers were way higher than the official body count. Some estimates put it as high as 40,000 or 50,000 and that may only be the beginning if other cities in the wider Ubey region are similar. Lines to receive the urns were hours long raising tensions and emotions.

Why is this so important for the rest of the world?

While everyone understood there was a great tragedy taking place in Wuhan, most people bought into the idea that the Chinese government had it under control. The numbers the Chinese regime released were far less than the annual deaths from flue, so Americans and other Western countries essentially lowered their guard for enough time for the virus to spread exponentially.

This is exactly why big cities in the USA are looking more and more and like Italy or Spain than Israel or Singapore.

Those two weeks where social distancing could have helped and localized quarantines would have made a huge difference never happened. Once again, just like the initial facts of the real outbreak were hidden by the CCP, the numbers they shared with the world were not only false, but given in a way to purposely harm the USA and other Western countries. This was done while guarding the regime from the anger of their own populace.

If the Chinese deaths are really far higher than originally reported that means one can expect huge number of deaths in Western countries.

Now, China insists that its offer of help to other nations is purely altruistic, but most help comes at an economic cost, which usually means a loss of control.

The Chinese regime continues to be a bad actor in regards to the origin and spread of the coronavirus. The numbers of fatalities within China is alarming and means that the entire world, especially the Western world may suffer from wholesale economic collapse under the weight of the devastation. The fact that the CCP lied and continues to lie to the world is not a surprise. The surprise is the continued reverence that the Western media gives the numbers that the Chinese regime shares with the world. This has not only given a pass to a repressive regime, but it has harmed the ability for the healthcare officials to properly convince those in the West to deal with the virus before securing the economy.

Leadership means understanding when one’s enemy is on the move. The CCP view the USA as their main enemy. It should be apparent to most, that COVID-19 could be one stage in the Chinese regime’s planned take over of the world economy and thus the world.


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