Chinese Citizens Are Telling The Truth About COVID-19 And Being Silenced For It

by David Mark

While the world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic that began in Wuhan, China, people are only beginning to realize that it was Chinese disinformation in the beginning that caught most governments off-guard.

Send this video of this courageous woman to as many people as possible. The world must know the truth!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a ruthless regime bent on defeating America through any means necessary. Although there are 1.4 billion people in China, only 90 million of them are part of the CCP and decide the fate of the other 93 percent of Chinese people.

While many news outlets continue to use the CCP numbers for the coronavirus, it is becoming apparent that they are not to be trusted. Most recently, many main stream news outlets reported a stop in new corona cases in China. The truth was that the CCP just stopped testing.

The CCP has apparently cordoned off Ubey province where Wuhan is and is willing to allow as many of them to die as necessary. The communist regime has ordered others back to work to save the economy. More and more whistleblowers are outing the regime. The challenge is that the world has been intent on letting the regime slide on its human rights abuses because the Western culture and the economy is addicted to cheap Chinese products that have handicapped most fo the world’s ability to break free and chart an independent course – including America.

Can We Make A Difference?

Although more and more Chinese citizens are speaking out against their government’s cruelty, our inability to act and live the type of life free of the need to be drawn into buying products that are cheap regardless of we need them or not has now fed the belly of one of the most ruthless regimes in the world and has enabled them to stay in power, ultimately leading to the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

It should not be lost on anyone that it is this very virus which has now knocked out most of the world’s economy. Perhaps this reset will enable us to finally restart our own cultures in a way which does not lend to needless excess. With this, we can help those Chinese that are being crushed by the CCP to finally break free and take their culture back.

This is why we need real global leadership to encourage and lead us to a different way of looking at the world rather than serving the desires for more and more money and products. Our lives now depend on it.


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