Powerful Message from Man Suffering from Coronavirus

by Avi Abelow

This is Eli Beer, a man whose life work is well known in Israel and around the world. Eli is the founder of United Hatzaloh, a quick response medical service that has become a household name in Israel. Eli is now hospitalized in Florida with the coronavirus. This is what he has to say in his last video before being sedated into an induced coma. This virus is serious, for people of all ages. Take the regulations seriously. Practice social distancing to keep yourself and others safe!

An update from United Hatzalah’s Chairman of the Board Mark and Erica Gerson

Dear Friend of United Hatzalah,

In the Book of Genesis, Jacob is on a journey to see his brother. An unnamed “man” appears and engages Jacob in a nightlong wrestling match. Jacob is injured but emerges victorious. Still, he tells his opponent, “I will not let you go until you bless me.”

One should always learn, emerge from a struggle with a blessing.

Eli Beer is in a struggle due to a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19. On Friday evening he was put on a ventilator to assist his breathing. We expect Eli to be sedated for two days to two weeks and expect he will experience a full (if slow and difficult) recovery. We are grateful for the outstanding care Eli is receiving at the hospital in Miami, and for the remarkable support that United Hatzalah supporters are providing for him in Miami.

For all of those who love and admire Eli, we have something profound within our power: we can enable him to emerge from this struggle with a blessing. The attached video, which he apparently made a moment before he was sedated, shows how he would like to be blessed. We can imagine his smile — and indeed joy — if, upon awaking, he sees this page filled with support and supporters.

May God bless you — and Eli and the volunteers of United Hatzalah, who are working nonstop in very difficult and dangerous circumstances to save the lives of their neighbors in need from regular and irregular challenges.

Mark and Erica Gerson

If you can please donate to help support United Hatzalah’s fight against the Coronavirus here: https://israelrescue.org/project/coronaresponse


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