Deep State Leaders Continue Their Coup Attempt, While Bibi Continues To Lead

by David Mark

The Prime Minister appears to be under constant pressure. Whether it is controlling the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic or from Leftwing Deep State Leaders like Gantz and Lapid who are trying to use loopholes in the system to push him out of power, Bibi has continued to rise in the polls and esteem domestically and internationally.

Tomorrow, the Blue and White Deep State party is expected to attempt to remove Likudnik Edelstein from power as Speaker of the Knesset. More than that, even though they cannot piece together a coalition, they are hoping to at least control the legislative agenda making it impossible for Bibi to run the country.

This would be bad at any time, but during the coronavirus pandemic, this is just plan catastrophic and clearly selfish. Even if Bibi was a mediocre Prime Minister, no one would assume it’s a good idea to switch the leader in the middle of a “war” where we are actually doing better than most other places.

Why are they so obsessed with knocking down Bibi even if it means their own destruction?


They have had enough of seeing others succeed. After all Gantz, Lapid, and Yaalon have spent a life time hoping that one day they would get the keys to play leader in Israel. The only caveat would be that it would have to be their Israel, not Bibi’s.

There is just one problem. Their Israel doesn’t exist. After all Israel is more than a secular ashkenazi Tel Aviv neighborhood where the only thing that might be special is the fact that everyone also speaks Hebrew – maybe.

Their Israel is gone. The Israel of Redemption, tradition, Torah is here. The true “City Upon The Hill.” Gantz and company cannot understand it. This is why they are angry and hate the Prime Minister, because for all of his faults, he gets it.

Israel must have unity to move forward. It is what doomed us to exile 2000 years ago and although we are promised we won’t return, the safety of our pathway forward depends on us standing together.

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