President Rivlin Shares A Special Message On Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

President Rivlin is a unifying person in the State of Israel. He is not just a leader for the State of Israel, but for the entire world. He properly calls out to the rest of the world to pray and share in our concerns for one another. This is a welcome respite from the constant bickering that the State of Israel seems to be filled with. He is right that the Jewish tradition is filled with responsibility towards others, and especially towards respecting the elderly.

The Jewish State of Israel if filled with all kinds of signs in public places that take care of the elderly. Every bus has the first four seats reserved for the elderly. People all over the country are often seen helping out the weak and elderly. So, it is quite natural for the State of Israel to focus so much of their efforts today on saving their elderly through a massive “Stay at Home” campaign. The messages is, “Don’t visit Grandma and Grandpa.” This is so counter to the norms of the State of Israel that the message truly hits home.

Israel is responding properly with millions of families holed up in their apartment buildings and porches. Their have been mass singing events in apartment building complexes and numerous calls – nearly every day – by Israel’s leading politicians to take care of the elderly.

We hope this spirit of camaraderie lasts well beyond this present crisis and into our daily lives when the world goes back to normalcy.

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