Israeli Arab Defends Israel Against Coronavirus Lies

by Phil Schneider

In a matter of weeks, it will become crystal clear to the entire world that the safest country to be in the entire Middle East is Israel. That goes for Jews, Arabs, Christians, and any other minority. All of the criticism that has been leveled against Israel will become muted by the stark statistics that will show once and for all which country in the Middle East does the best job of taking care of it’s Arabs. Yes, the best place to be an Arab in the Middle East is Israel – for many reasons – but especially because of health care.

The worldwide health crisis caused by the Cov-19 Pandemic is growing every day by seismic proportions. It is killing people at the clip of a world war. It is not like World War II, but is fast approaching the levels of World War I. This is no time for fun and games – it is serious stuff. And Israel is a country that knows how to handle serious things. It is not merely the Prime Minister who knows how to lead and guide the bold Israeli strategy of reigning in the dangers of this virus, it is the public that is willing to be led also. That applies to Jews and Arabs.

The heroes of the day are not just the leaders, but the medical health professionals who risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones every day on the frontlines. In Israel, these are Jews and Arabs who work together. This is the spirit that is needed throughout the world – a spirit of “Love Thy Neighbor.” In Israel, this is a reality – and now, the statistics from the Cornavirus will back up the argument better than anything else.

Arab Incitement
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