Jordan Is The Real Palestinian State

by Micha Gefen

Is Jordan the real “Palestine?” This question is becoming more and more important as the Oslo process has admittedly hit a dead end.

With 80 percent of Jordan’s population being of “Palestinian” origin, it seems likely that the best solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appears to already available.

So why isn’t Jordan the long sought “Palestinian” State the world has dreamt about? The answer is simple: The Hashemites are the rulers.

That’s right, the only thing separating the “Palestinians” from their own state is the Hashemite King and his family ruling over them. The Hashemites were originally from Saudi Arabia and were given what is today Jordan to rule. The problem is, Jordan is actually the Eastern 77 percent of British-occupied Palestine.

So will there be peace in the Middle East? Only if the Jordanian Kings wants there to be. They may be friendly, and pro-Western. But they are certainly not a democratic country. For those who tout the importance of democratic rights in the Middle East, the Jordanian monarchy should be their first place to focus on.

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