How To Walk A Dog During A Pandemic

by Phil Schneider

Our lives are largely on hold during this Pandemic. We are told that we need to stay home in order to delay the massive overcrowding of our hospitals. But the dogs don’t get it – and they need to get out. Some people are flouting the rules, and some people take their dogs out after midnight when the streets are bare. This unique solution will definitely bring a smile to your face. Whatever works.

We all need to make sacrifices at this rare time in world history. We cannot keep living our lives as usual while so many things around us are being affected. 30 seconds in a hospital ward should be enough to explain to anyone that we are all in this together. It is mainly our elderly parents and those with underlying medical conditions that are in danger, and we all have a job in order to take care of the masses. Yes, even the dog-walkers of the world must fulfill their role and think out of the box.

It’s surprising to most people that the world’s greatest challenge today is to stay at home and veg out. Of course, we can use our time more effectively than watching TV all of the time. But the main thing is first and foremost to stay home. After that, it is secondary how we use our time. Those who’s financial situation has not been majorly compromised should support those who have been. Those who have the ability to change around their workplace to allow remote work should. The main thing is that the show must go on – at home – for as long as possible. Then, when things open up again, we’ll be able to go out to a world with less damage than if we make believe that we can practice business as usual.

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