Iran Blaming “Genocidal” United States for Corona COVID-19 virus

by Avi Abelow

What is to be expected from a country that is the biggest state sponsor of terror around the world!

Iranian Researcher Amir Mousavi on Arabic television says that Iranian, Russian, Chinese, and Cuban Scientists are together studying the possibility that the U.S. created the corona COVID-19 virus. He minces no words in calling out the U.S. as historically responsible for multiple genocides and that the US does not mind killing her Own People, using 9/11 terror attack as proof.

The Iranian researcher is basing his claim on China’s statement that the US is responsible. He emphasizes that China doesn’t think that the US is responsible, rather China claims that the US is responsible!

The Iranian researcher then goes on to blame America for being responsible for killing masses of people using the nuclear bomb in the second world war as well as using biological weapons during the Vietnam war.

As if that is not enough, he then blames the USA for the genocides that have taken place throughout the Middle East.

“Genocides are the normal thing for the American policy”. Even blaming the 9/11 terror attack on American genocidal policies.

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