Trump is 110% correct to call it the China virus

by Avi Abelow

This is Avi Abelow, for today’s Pulse of Israel. Today I’m out buying eggs that are hard to find in stores, thanks to the China coronavirus. Help get this video seen by clicking on the boost button below. To help keep our videos free, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our video work on

President Trump wants to solve the coronavirus once and for all so that the lives of people all over the world go back to normal as quickly as possible.

Like any good doctor, Trump understands that in order to heal a patient the correct diagnosis must be given! Giving the wrong diagnosis means applying the wrong treatment!

President Trump understands that China is responsible for the spread of this coronavirus and not only is the Chinese government not paying the price for bringing about thousands of deaths and crippling the world economy, but China is now economically benefiting from this catastrophe that it created, by selling equipment to countries around the world. The Communist government of China is responsible for this catastrophe, not the Chinese people. Even if one does not believe the claim that this virus was created in a biological factory in Wuhan to sell to Iran as a biological weapon, nobody can deny that China hid the truth about the effects of this virus on its own citizens, letting it spread and harming the world.

By calling it the China virus President Trump is keeping the public exposure focused on the true cause of this horrific coronavirus pandemic – China. Trump has had his eye on China as a problem for America since the 1980s/90s! Maybe, after this pandemic calms down he will finally have the support of the American people to take the necessary steps to stop China’s threats to the American economy and protect humanity from dangers of the communist regime of China, including the Chinese!

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