Coronavirus Has Shown Why The Democrats Are Insane

by Phil Schneider

OK – insane may be too strong a word. But, all of the adjectives that have been used by Democrats to criticize the Republican leadership – and especially Donald Trump – over the recent months and years, are unfortunately very true about the Democrats themselves. Unhinged, disconnected, biased, etc.. – these all unfortunately do apply to so many in the Democratic leadership. The completely obsessive focus on doing anything to bash the Trump administration has unfortunately not brought out the best side of the Democratic party.

One would think that with a pandemic attacking the world at a pace that is unprecedented in our lifetime, politics would be put aside. But, truth be told, both sides – Democratic and Republican – have seemingly continued their cat and mouse chasing of each other at every turn.

We need a return to normalcy and decency. There is no problem with disagreement. There is no problem with mistakes on either side. But the level of rancor that exists between the two sides is so destructive that even when a small amount of bipartisanship is necessary in order to save the country from economic disasters, each side keeps sniping at the other side.

I suggest a one-sided truce from the Republican side. Of course, that does not mean to give up on one’s principles. But, the manner in which so many Fox commentators and President Trump focus on the stupidity of Democrats is not the ideal way to defeat the idiotic ideas. The way to do it is to dig deeper and establish the Republican party as the party of the fact-based policies. The motto should be “Facts, facts, and more facts.” Fact-based decisions should lead the way. Over time, the Democrats will shift and begin to argue about the facts. That’s when we’ll know that we have defeated the Democratic feeling-based policies that truly are insane. But we must practice more civility and just stick to the facts.

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