There is Only One Victory in Gaza

by Avi Abelow

As international pressure grows on Israel to end this war started by our enemy, remember, there is only one victory in Gaza. We must continuously put pressure upon all Jewish organizations as well as all Israeli government officials to understand that any other end to this war is unacceptable, since it will allow for the continued threat of the Islamic evil enemy of ours to lash out at us again, any day.

There is only one victory in Gaza. We stay in Gaza forever.

First with an IDF presence and then with a return of Jewish civilians to the rebuilt Jewish Gaza communities of Neve Dekalim, Netzarim, Netzer Hazani, Atzmona, Gadid etc. and many, many new ones.

This is the sole “picture of victory” that will deter our enemies, based on a simple understanding on the thinking and motives of our enemy.

The Islamic Jihad enemy of ours sanctifies death. Children in Gaza, Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem etc. are taught, by UNRWA and international funding, how to kill Jews and to die as martyrs.

Our enemies don’t care about losing their lives or sacrificing the lives of their children. So as long as their only “punishment” is Hamas leaders being killed or expelled, they will continue to educate their children to kill and destroy us another day after they regroup and rearm, with international funding!

They only care about losing land. That is why Islam divides the world into three categories based on the control of Islam in those countries:
1. Dar al-Islam – areas under Islamic rule
2. Dar al-sulh – non-Islamic areas that have treaties with Islamic countries
3. Dar al-harb – areas “at war,” not yet under Islamic rule

Hence, there is only one message of victory when fighting a Muslim enemy- we take our land back!

They attacked us and massacred us. We fight back and win by liberating the land from their control. They lose it. Nakba #2.

The rules of war are quite simple. We can’t let international pressure stop us from achieving a full victory in this war against our evil Muslim enemy.

Bottom line – this is a religious war. Don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

Again, this victory is based on understanding our enemy. Any other end to this conflict will be interpreted by the Muslim world as our defeat, and empower them to continue on their deadly, evil path to destroying us.

Some people might ask, ok, but what about the Arab Muslims in Gaza?

Well, Nikki Haley is one politician who has proposed the most logical, and only realistic solution:

It’s really simple. Only those Gaza Arab Muslims who understand how blessed they are to live with Jews can remain living in Gaza. Only in Israel can Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, female Muslims, gay Muslims etc. all live with freedom & equality in the Middle East. All other Arab Muslims in Gaza who support killing us and destroying the Jewish state of Israel should leave and live in Hamas supporting countries just as millions of refugees from Syria left to live in other countries and millions of Ukrainian refugees left to live in other countries.

There is no reason why we should allow the Arab Muslim world, together with the international community, to apply a double standard against Israel, by forcing us to accept the reality of an enemy population remaining as a Trojan horse threat in Gaza, after we win this war.

In addition to all of that, no Israeli from the Southern Gaza border will return to live in their homes if they have an ounce of fear that the massacre of Simchat Torah, Oct. 7th, can ever happen again.

And that will only be achieved when the enemy population of Arab Muslims in Gaza, who celebrated the massacre, beat the Israeli captives, and even took part in the massacre, are out of Gaza. As we have learned the hard way, Hamas is not a terrorist organization alone. It is the ideological culture of the people of Gaza, and much of Judea & Samaria as well. But that is for a future article…

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Gershompesach December 28, 2023 - 6:59 pm

Yes, yes & yes! U shud start a discussion of possible incentives 2 get returning (aliyah) Jews 2 move there—eg housing subsidies….

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