Hilarious Parody Nails it on “Palestinian” Lie About Jesus

by Phil Schneider

History is fungible. There is nothing that is fact, nor anything that is a lie. That is the new fashion on college campuses today. That has been the case for decades. And this absurdly hilarious video from Israel’s comedy show, Eretz Nehederet, brings all of the absurdities of the progressive left Universities right into clear focus. 

At the very core of the entire anti-Israel pro-Arab narrative are lies and more lies. The most basic of all lies is that there exist a distinct nation called the Palestinian people. Some less dishonest people admit that it is a new nation that is forming that is growing out of Arab nations that have existed for centuries. But even that viewpoint rejects the age-old, literally 3,500+ year old Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

The lies are not merely about the past. The lies about the present abound. The endless arguments that so many claim concerning Israel’s IDF and Israel’s population being violent against it’s Arab minority are basically one big fat lie. The best proof of all concerning the State of Israel’s treatment of Arabs is that so many Arabs stay in Israel. They can leave but choose to stay. So, if Israel is so horrible to the Arabs, why don’t Arabs living in Israel go to Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or elsewhere? The answer is that the Arabs in Israel have it good. The problem is one thing. Arabs hate Jews. It’s actually that simple. 

The only thing to do about the lies of Israeli enemies is to expose them and laugh about them. This is a great example of how to do it right.  

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