Nikki Haley’s Message to Bibi is the Key to Winning This War

by Phil Schneider

The rude awakening that the Israeli population and the world is still digesting is that Israel has a 1-2 million terrorist country sitting next to them that is the moral equivalent of the Nazi regime in Germany during World War II. They are largely funded by Iran and they mean every word that they say when they threaten to kill and destroy the Jewish State.

In truth, this should not have had to be an awakening at all. But, we simply did not really take what the enemy said seriously enough. We believed more in our hi-tech security systems than the same things that have been effective in previous decades.

True deterrence does not merely come from tall fences, barb wire, and hi-tech cameras. Of course, they are critical, especially at stopping car theft. But when terrorists are allowed to run the roost, they will bring supplies in by hook or crook. They will manufacture the weapons if they can’t smuggle them in.

The only answer is for Israel to completely overrun the entire Gaza Strip, take over the area completely, and destroy every single weapon in Gaza. Then, they need to send the population packing, not necessarily all at once. But, every year, the goal must be to decrease the population by 5-10%. Whoever goes first should be given the most cash. It is a worthy investment.

But more than anything else, Israel must resettle the destroyed Jewish communities. That will show the Arabs across the rest of Israel that terror boomerangs against them. The world will scream and Arabs will scream louder. That is all fine and good. The gloves are off. We must finish them…Nikki is right.


Gershompesach October 11, 2023 - 1:24 pm

there was a whole age of sieging cities before tv & political correctness… Leningrad by the Nazis (1944) —Berlin by the communists (1945) or the siege of Vienna (1683) or Constantinople (1453)—these were no holds bared affairs… If U want the siege to end—U must lay down ure weapons! & submit ureself to the enemy…. Gaza shud look like Berlin in 1945…. speak when spoken to… do as U R told!

Gershompesach October 11, 2023 - 1:28 pm

Israel shud abandon this notion of equal (human) rights for everyone… U Mr Moos-limb R a guest in a foreign territory… U want 2 B “equal”—move 2 a moose-limb state.

Gershompesach October 11, 2023 - 1:35 pm

2 B fair—I have a criticism…for BiBi—the “failure” of the Gaza fence & all the other surrounding intelligence operations was intentional—like 911… U wanted something 2 happen… If? I M right—& I pray! I M not—a river of blood will B upon U from now until all eternity…I tremble 2 B U!

ewljr October 12, 2023 - 10:05 am

Take out all of Joe Biden’s terrorists from Gaza to Afghanistan.

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