Stunning New Tune for Prayer for IDF Soldiers

by Leah Rosenberg

Our brave, strong IDF soldiers need our prayers right now. We need to beg G-d for their safety. Pray that they return home to their families.

Beautiful Prayer for the IDF Soldiers

The prayer for IDF soldiers is known by many. There are many tunes to these powerful words. This one definitely will enter your soul.

Israel is currently fighting a bloody war. It’s horrifying what Hamas terrorists have done to the Jewish people. Many people want to help the Jewish nation get through this tragic time. There are volunteers who are trying their best to donate, collect, and give to the soldiers and people who have been affected by the war. Some people might not have what to give. They might not have the money or the time to give. But everyone can always pray. G-d awaits our prayers. He wants us to call out to Him. He wants us to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters.

If you sometimes have trouble connecting to words, try using a tune like this one to connect. Let the music and words enter you and rise up to the Heavens.

We need our soldiers to come home safely to their families. Please G-d, there should be no more orphans, widows, and parents left without their children. There should be no more lost loved ones and no more murdered Jews. The Jewish people are praying. No more war. No more pain. The people of Israel have suffered enough and are crying out to G-d to end this nightmare. Will you pray too?

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