Israel’s COVID-19 Infections Jump While Unity Government Falters

by David Mark

Although the end of last week had shown a dramatic break through in terms of the political stalemate in Israel, the news from behind the scenes today is that negotiations between Gantz’s shrunken Blue and White and the much larger Likud has hit a wall.

This has happened while coronavirus cases and jobless claims have spiked in Israel. Although Israel’s fatalities remain low, most experts claim it won’t continue. However, the experts have been wrong before – especially now that Israel has begun to stock up on needed respirators and other ICU equipment.

The political drama continues to unfold in Israel as the once hopeful resolution to the year long political stalemate has not faltered on Gantz’s insistence that his Israel Resilience Party receive a swath of key ministries and of be able to block the Trump plan – something akin to a real deal beaker.

While the rumors of Bibi backing down on his block’s key demands were premature, he has not only stuck to his guns on key issues, but clearly has out chess matched the inexperienced and now far weaker Gantz.

With the once mighty Blue and White broken apart and Likud’s rightwing block standing only 3 away from a government without the left, Netanyahu can stand firm knowing that time is running out for Gantz. After all the Prime Minister has proven that it is he who has not given up on his core principles and Gantz that has.

So with coronavirus continuing to spread in Israel and the economy like everywhere else in the world now frozen, Israel continues to be at a political impasse awaiting either a false unity government or someone to stand up and lead the Nation forward.

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