Figuring Out G-D’s Plan Within The Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

It is so hard to understand God’s plan when it comes to the calamities and “natural” disasters that occur in the world. So why do so many people insist that God does exists? Perhaps we should question God’s existence when we see such horrible things occurring at a time like this? The answer is yes – we should always ask questions. But the answer for any truly thinking person should be that God has always been in charge and continues throughout the Coronavirus epidemic. The best proof of all is the existence of the Jewish people. Let’s take a look back to gain some perspective.

The foundation of Jewish belief is that God took the Jewish people out of Egypt, Gave them the Covenant, and then Led them through the desert for 40 years to the Promised Land. In addition, God promised in the Bible that He would never forsake the Chosen people. Well, then that leads to the major question – How do we know this narrative is true? The answer is that we know that it is true because it is absolutely impossible to lie to millions of people.

The story of God’s revelation is not a story about God revealing Himself to a small group of people or even a large group of people. The Bible makes it perfectly clear that God revealed Himself to 600,000 men between the age of 20-60. But it also says that every woman, child and elderly person was at Mt. Sinai. So, 120-130 generations ago, when God revealed himself to millions of people, that set in motion the traditions of God’s involvement in our lives for all time. The questions that we have should not be whether or not God exists, but why God has chosen to bring calamities to the world in general, and horrible Coronavirus infections in particular. Those are legitimate questions and difficult ones to answer.

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