A Lesson On Hygiene In The City of David

by Phil Schneider

How old is hygiene? Perhaps it is as old as the world? Well, for one, we now know that it is as old as the City of David, that is, more than 3,000 years old. The City of David – located at the foot of the holiest place to the Jewish people for the last 3,000+ years, is the location to understand more about the Bible and the Jewish people than any other place in the world. Nearly every day, more and more of the Bible is unearthed in order to reveal to our eyes and legs the exact roads that the Biblical characters lived in.

King David and King Solomon were both kings in Jerusalem. David was first the King in Hebron, but then evolved to become the King over the entire Jewish people in Jerusalem. But he did not merit to build the Temple. That was his lifelong yearning. But God told him that only his son, Solomon, would merit to build the Temple. King David valiantly fought the wars of Israel, including against the giant Goliath. But, King Solomon was ultimately the one who led the Jewish Nation-State to it’s greatest boundaries – well into Syria and Jordan of today.

But at no time was the center of their leadership anywhere but Jerusalem. Jerusalem from that time and onward has always been the center of the focus of the Jewish people. At every Passover Seder, Wedding, Circumcision, and Yom Kippur High Holiday, the apex and focus is Jerusalem. This cuts across all levels of Jewish observance. No matter how non-observant a Jew may be, they are aware of the concept of Jerusalem. Today, they can walk through it’s history and literally feel what it had been like to ascend to the Temple Mount from the City of David. Yes, hygiene is interesting too. But, more than anything, it is the amazing unearthing of history that we see from so many angles from the Holy city of Jerusalem.

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